a writing tool part 1

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A pen is a writing tool used to apply ink to a surface, usually paper, for writing or drawing. All books of the world are written by pen. Pen is found in every age in different forms. Historically dip pen, quill, reed pen and ink brush is used for the purpose of writing. In modern age roller ball pen, marker, fountain pen and ballpoint pen is used for same purpose.

Historic type of pens

1. Quill pen:-

                      It is made of some big bird like ostrich, goose or peacock. It is used for the purpose of writing in medieval times. Quill pen is replaced by reed pen.

  2. Reed pen:-

                           It is made with bamboo and still used by school kids in some parts Pakistan and India.

3. Ink brush:-

                          In this ink is applied with the help of brush. Ink brush is specially used for the purpose of calligraphy.  Its body is made of different materials like bamboo, ivory, silver, glass and even sometimes with gold.

4. Dip pen:-

                      Its nib is made of metal. Every time after few words user of this pen dip this pen ink then write few words on his manuscript. Its gives a good hand writing on paper.

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