a writing tool part 2

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In previous blog we discuss the classic historic types of pens. In this blog we know a little about modern pens.

Types of modern pens:-

                                             The pen of modern age are sorted by their tip or nib some famous modern types of pen are as follow

1. Rollerball pen:-

                              We can say that it is the combination of ballpoint pen and the fountain pen. It is normally filled with watery base gel. Different color shades, glitters and sometimes invisible ink are used in this type of pens to give effects.

2. Fountain pen:-

                               In this type of pen watery based ink is used. We can easily refill this type of pens. The ink flows through nib and we write on paper.

3. Felt-tip pen:-

                            Felt-tip pen is usually known as marker. Its tip is made of fibbers. Markers are divided in to three types due to their tip size. Smaller tip size marker is used to write on paper, middle one for drawing and larger one used to mark boxes and to write on whiteboards etc.


 4. Ballpoint pen:-

                               In ballpoint pen oil based ink is used which dries immediately. Usually size of 0.7mm to 1.2mm rolling small solid ball is used in it.

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