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Was it September or August?
I really can’t remember
The precise month? I said couldn't!
But it was certainly a year ago

Was it intentional? Absolutely not!
It’s just that I have been busy.
A demanding lover plus busyness at work
Tandem it with attending high-profile events would result to a busy me.

Forgotten! That might be the word I’m looking for.
It best suits what my subscribers think of me.
Did I join just to leave everyone hanging?
Again -- Of course not!

Before my epic comeback...
... majority of my posts are many moons ago.
I never visited back. Never even logged-in.
In fact, have not even peeked.

But that will all change.
How many hours a day? How much would be enough?
... to wander around bitland
But can I do it this time? Will this second shot be any different?

It will definitely be
Especially now that I have Pretty Ivy's thoughts for company
But of course, everything is still left to be seen and done
Particulary when buddy lazy hangs around

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nothing about jikZ is interesting.
Now that's interesting (*'▽'*)
K. Thanks. Bye. *poof* magic jikZ is gone to wander around bitLand :D

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