Aamir Khan-Brilliant Bollywood Film Actor

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Aamir Khan-Brilliant Bollywood Film Actor


The great Actor Aamir Khan

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Aamir Khan is a brilliant bollywood film actor. He also worked as a producer and director. In his filmy career, Aamir Khan has recognized himself as one of the most popular and most powerful actors of Indian film industry. By his brilliant acting, he has won lots of awards like four national awards and seven film fare awards. He was awarded Padma Shiri award in 2003 and Padma Bishman award in 12010 from the government of India.

In 1973, Aamir khan first time showed on the big screen in movie “Yaadon Ki Baraat” as a child actor. As a leading role, Aamir did acting in the film “Qayyamat say Qayyamat Tak” as a major role in 1988 which was a highly successful movie of that time. He has also won Special Jury Award from the film “Raakh” which was made in 1989. In bollywood cinema, he got much success in the 1990's after working in number of successful movies like romantic darama “Dil” which was made in 1990, romantic movie “Raja Hindustani” which was made in 1996. As a best actor, he also won his very first film fare award for this movie. In 1990, he did acting in another successful movie called “Sarfarosh”.

Aamir Khan has started his production company in the year 2001 and his initial movie was Lagaan which was a highly successful movie. This film was also elected for the academic prize for the “best foreign language film”. He also won “National film award for best popular film” for this movie and has also won two more film fare awards for best film and best actor.

In 2006, Aamir Khan has made a film in his direction called Taaray Zameen Per which was also a highly successful movie. For this movie, he awarded film fare prize for the top film and also as a best director. Aamir Khan got greatest success in number of movies like thriller movie “Gajini” which was made in 2008 and a comedy film called “3 Idiots” which was made in 2009 and the adventure movie called “Dhoom3” which was made in 2013 and all time successful movie calledPK which was made in 2014. All of these movies got greatest success and detained the record of maximum grossing bollywood movies of all time.


Personal Information

Full Name: Muhammad Aamir Hussain Khan

Date of Birth: March 14, 1965

Current Age: 50 years

City of Birth: Mumbai

Currently living in: Mumbai, Mahaarashtra, India

Nationality: Indian

Father’s Name: Tahir Hussain

Mother’s Name: Zeenat Hussain

Working from: 1984 to present

Worked as: Film Actor, Film Producer, Film Director and Television host

Religion: Islam

Spouse(s): Reena Dutta who was married in 1986 and divorced in 2002, Kirran Rao who was married in 2005.

His Childrens: Junaid Khan, Azad rao Khan and Ira Khan

His relatives: One brother, Faisal Khan and Two sisters, Nikhat Khan and Farhut Khan. His Uncle name is Nasir Hussain and Nephew Imran Khan.  

Beginning Life

Aamir Khan was born on March 14, 1965 in Mumbai. His father Tahir Hussain is a film producer. Most of his relatives were attached to bollywood film industry including his late paternal uncle, Nasir Hussain who was a producer and director. They are four brothers and sisters and Aamir Khan is the eldest one. He has one brother called Faisal Khan who is also an actor and 2 sisters called Ferhut Khan and Nekhut Khan. His nephew is Imran Khan and he is also a contemporary Indian film actor.

When Aamir Khan was just 8 years old, he did acting as a minor role in his uncle’s directed movie “Yaadon Ki Baarat” and his father’s production movie “Madhosh”. Aamir Khan got his primary education from J.B petit school. After that he got admission in S.t Anne’s high school of Bandra and got education till eighth grade. From Bombay scotish school of Mahim, he fulfilled his 9th and 10th education. He also played tennis at state level championships. From Narsee Monji College, he finished his bachelor degree. After high school education, Aamir Khan decided to leave the education. After that with his uncle Nasir Hussain, he start working as an assistant director in two movies called “Manzil Manzil” in 1984 and “Zabardast” in 1985. 


Aamir Khan with Juhi Chawla in Qayaamat say Qayaamat tak

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Aaamir Khan as a kid in Yaadon ki baarat

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Acting career of Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is a great film actor and he also did acting in number of greatest successful movies. People loved his acting style. His filmy career from 1973 to till date is awesome. Some of his best movies and their detail are as follows:-

In 1988, Aamir khan has started his successful career from the movie “Qayyamat say Qayyamat Tak”. From his beginning career, it was his first successful movie. He done his role in this movie as “Raj” and he was also the assistant writer of this movie. Aamir Khan was voted for the best actor of film fare award. This movie also won national film award, special jury award and for Aamir Khan best male debut film fare award. His second successful movie was “Raakh” which was released in 1989. As a best actor, Aamir Khan was voted in the film fare award.

In the year 1990, he acted in the movie “Dil”. In this movie, his name was “Raja”. This movie also got success and Aamir khan was selected for the award of best actor from film fare. After that, he did acting in the film called “Dil hai k maanta nahi”. His appearance in this movie was “Raghu Jetley”. His acting in this movie was very good that’s why he was again selected for the best acting award from film fare. In 1992, he did acting in the movie “Jo Jita wohi Sikender” and his name was “Sanjay laal Sharma”. He was also selected for the award of best actor from film fare.

In the year 1993 and 1994, he did acting in two successful movies. First was “Hum hain Raahi Pyaar ke” in which Aamir Khan was selected for the award of best actor from film fare. His name in this movie was “Rahul Malhotra” and he was also the screen writer of this movie. His second movie was “Andaaz Apna Apna” and he did acting in this movie as “Amar Manohar”. Aamir Khan was also elected for the award of best actor from film fare.

His successful movies of the year 1995 and 1996 were “Akele hum Akele Tum” and “Raja Hindustani”. In the first movie, he did acting as “Rohit Kumar” and he was also elected for the best actor award of film fare. His second movie was “Raja Hindustani” and the acting of Aamir Khan was awesome. He did acting in this movie as “Raja Hindustani”. For this movie, he won his very first award of best actor from film fare.

Aamir Khian with Karishma Kapoor in Raja Hindustan

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Aamir Khan in movie Gajini

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Aamir Khan receiving Award

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Aamir Khan with Karishma Kapoor in Raja Hindustani

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In the year 1998, he did acting in the movie “Ghulam” which was also a successful movie on box office. He did acting in this movie as “Sidharth Marathe” and he also did the job of  a singer as play back. Aamir Khan was elected for the award of best actor from film fare and also as the best play back male singer award.

Story Line of movie Ghulam

Meaning of Ghulam is slave. In this movie Aamir Khan did acting as Sidharth and he was a part-time boxer who does not work and likes to hangout with friends. His older brother Jai works for gangsters who involves in robbery, demanding money for protection and other terrorist activities. Sidharth was a fan of his father who was a ex-freedom fighter. In this movie, Sidharth meets a girl called Alisha who likes to ride with a motor bike gang. This film shows the story of Sidharth’s romance with Alisha and his life performance.


In 2008, he did acting in the movie called Gajini”. His name in this movie was “Sanjay Singhania”. With Aamir’s excellent performance, he was nominated for the best actor of film fare award. It was also the highest grossing movie of that time. In 2009, he did acting in another successful comedy film called 3 Idiots. In this movie, he did acting as Raanchodas. With his brilliant performance, the film breaks all the previous records and became the highest earning movie of that time.

Story Line of 3 Idiots

This is the movie of 3 friends Ferhaan Quraishi, Raajo Rustogee and Ranchodas. They are engineering students and have too much fun in their college. After completing a degree, their friend Ranchodas disappeared. Farhan and Raju planned to find him with the help of Piya Sahastar Budhi who loves Ranchodas. At the end of the movie, they found him and know all his secrets that his real name was Phunsukh Wangdoo and he was working as a scientist and teaching some students.


In the year 2013, he did acting in adventure movie called “Dhoom3”. He was working in this movie as twin brothers and their name was Sahir Khan and Samar Khan. It was also the top earning movie of the year. In the next year, he did acting in a comedy film called “PK”. Aamir has done out class comedy in this film. This film breaks all the previous records and collects more than 700 crore world wide. Aamir Khan was also voted for the best actor award from film fare for this movie.

Story Line of PK

In this movie, Aamir Khan comes to the earth from another planet as an alien for a research. When he landed on the earth some one has stolen his locked and he could not go back home without this. While living on the earth, he starts learning the habits of the people and makes too much fun. A girl helps him to find out his locket. While going back to his planet, he brings a brief case filled with cassets of audio recordings.


Personal Life

Aamir Khan married with Rina Dattaa who also did acting with him in the picture “Qayyamat say Qayyamat Tak”. They have 2 children, a son who’s name is Junaid and a daughter who’s name is Ira. In 2002, they separated their relations and divorced. Now their children are living with Reena Dutta.

After that, Aamir Khan married with Kiran Rao on December 28, 2005. On December 05, 2011, they declared the birth of their son from surrogate mother. His name is Aazaad Rao Khan. His father passed on February 2, 2005.

Pk Movie Trailer

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Aamir Khan in Dhoom3

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Aamir Khan with friends in 3 Idiots

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Funny style of Aamir Khan in movie PK

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Aamir Khan with his wife Kiran Rao and Son Azad Rao Khan

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