Abel Ferrara's new film starring Willem Dafoe needs your support

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"Kickstarter is about being part of a community – the filmmaker and audience coming together to share the process of bringing an idea to filmic life. It's simple, direct, empowering and revolutionary. The perfect vehicle for SIBERIA, a film conceived by me and Chris Zois, a screenwriter and psychiatrist, that uses Carl Jung's The Red Book as a starting point. I wish to explore the language of dreams, myth and the natural world." - Abel Ferrara


Independent film director Abel Ferrara is back behind the camera for his new film Siberia. The film is a "subjective and objective journey into the subconscious", starring Willem Dafoe who has been collaborating with Ferrara on several previous projects including Go Go Tales, 4:44 Last Day on Earth and Pasolini.
Ferrara and co-writer Chris Zois have launched a campaign on KickStarter to support the making of the movie. To support the film and spread the word, visit the campaign's page, Facebook page, or Tweet using @abel_siberia #willemdafoe #siberiamovie.


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