Abel Ferrara's Success Story on Film Annex's Online Video Platform

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Abel Ferrara is one of the biggest names in American cinema. His New York stories, the way he has portrayed his hometown, set him apart from his predecessors and peers. His approach to filmmaking, the actors he frequently collaborated with, the genuineness of his characters marked him down as one of the pioneers in independent cinema.

We got the chance to meet with Ferrara at the Miami International Film Festival back in 2010, when he received the Career Achievement Award. Our mere acquaintance quickly turned into friendship, and we collaborated with him in the creation of his official website, www.abelferrara.com. The site hosts everything from interviews with the filmmaker to behind the scenes videos of his films, photos from his productions, updates about his projects, and of course some of his films, such as The Driller Killer and Nicky's Film in full length. Plus, numerous clips from his Chelsea on the Rocks documentary and Mulberry Street project. Today, abelferrara.com is the most definitive Abel Ferrara source on the internet and hosts 160 videos.

Abel Ferrara Web TV made $32,855 up to this day via online video advertising. Some of this amount was raised during the pre-production and the production period of Ferrara's latest film, 4:44 - The Last Day on Earth, which premiered at the 68th Venice International Film Festival. Film Annex's goal was to create a channel dedicated to 4:44 so that audiences could watch the making-of and interview videos and the film could get the promotion it deserved. The revenue raised during this period was a way to also support the film financially.

As Abel Ferrara moves on to his next project, his collection of videos, interviews, making-of(s), and other content is available to this fans and followers 24/7 on www.abelferrara.com.

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