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Maybe this blog is going to be a kind of boring for some filmmakers, because this is something that we all know about the process of making a movie I´m talking about about the art direction (production desing in USA).

A couple times in some other posts I told you that I make my own films, but also that I use to work with other directors and producers. In this ocassion I´m going to write about this from my experience  in the short film “Hungry” (Hambre) From the chilean directors Carlos Leiva (Ambiente Familiar, El 10) and Carlo Sanchez.



Art direction is everything about to make the concrete visual part of a movie. At first, you make a conceptual propose about the movie(most of the times in an art direction book), and when the script is done, the art director make a detailed division of everything in the visual way. There´s lot of ways of make this, I use to put marks of different colors for the different elements in the script and then I make  a table with the different elements of ambientation, atrezzo, clothing, make up, hair,  fx, vfx, etc. IS important to make this scene by scene.

 This is an example of this case: 



When that first step is done, I use to look one by one references of each one of  the elements of the movie, each part of the ambientation, each element of the atrezzo, specific references of the hair, the make up and each clothe for all the characters. Then I shot it to the director and we correct together and after this starts the “art  production”.




From here, you should find everything that the movie needs to film it, sometims we borrow things, some times we rent, other times we buy and even we invent some.

And then you just need to make the movie, and of course this is not a one person work, here there´s a 1st art direction assient, a person for ambientation, a make up artist and a strong team to support all this work. Now I´m working with Carolina Fuentealba, Amanda Mora, Nathalie Durot, Valentina Azúa and Constanza Pérez. 



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