About BRCA2-3

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The BRCA2 sequence was discovered in 1994 by academic archangel Stratton and Dr Richard Wooster (Institute of Cancer analysis, UK).[1][19] The Welcome Trust Sanger Institute (Hinxton, Cambs, UK) collaborated with Stratton and Wooster to isolate the sequence.


In honor of this discovery and collaboration, the Welcome Trust participated within the construction of a cycle and foot path between the Addenbrooke's Hospital web site in Cambridge and therefore the close village of nice Shelford in 2005. the trail by Cambridge shire governance and Sustains is adorned with ten,257 stripes of four colors representing the ester sequence of BRCA2 (green representing A, blue representing C, yellow representing G, and red representing thymine).[20] It makes up a part of National Cycle Route eleven, and might be seen from trains running between Cambridge and London.

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