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When I was at the university, I used to have a class of still photography and one of the classic evaluation was to copy the lighting of a photo. The thing was that I didn´t know how to make that and I went with the professor to asked him "how can I make this?" and his answer was "doing it". From that day I just practice that, and if I want to make something I always try to make it.

In some way that little phrase change everything in my way to see the world and the things that I love. And I believe that one of the reason why I´m doing what I´m doing is that click on my mind. I´m talking about to make the things that you like and fight for that. In my case I try to make movies, I draw and now I´m starting to develop some pieces of plastic arts.

All the time we are listening from lot of people that in the art we are going to be always without money and the same happens with all the art; but the reality is different, if you take this serious, and you make arts, or sports, or anything in your deepest passion, all is going to work. Is not easy but the main thing is to keep the focus and the best way to check everything is looking in your happiness levels, this can sound really absurd, but if we are able to look in our daily life and we see that we enjoy what we do, is because we are in a good way to make real our dreams. Of course that in this situation we are going to get tired and also sometimes we are going to make nothing, or even we are going to get mad about some situation; but this is like any job. And is important to remember that everything else is going to be a consequence of the hard work.

Well, I told you this, because this last year is being a hard year for some different reasons in the personal and professional aspects, but when I feel down I always remember why I fight for make movies and for all the things that I love. It was just that, thanks again for reading.


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