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I Have Just now Started to Think on how to usefully Spend my Time being on Internet At the same time Enjoying myself ,  and Somehow ended up Here.  Since i like typing a lot i have decided to write a Blog about myself . I am Gokul from india , I am More into Watching Animes and Tv Series , Somehow managed to complete My Btech degree in Biotechnology . not interest to go for any jobs right now . Wanna spend some quality time in home Peacefully without any stress And managed to spend almost 6 months doing nothing.  More of My story would be told on the upcoming blogs 

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My intention over here is to blog more! and get better at that . I am from biology background so have the least exposure to programming , trying to get better at it . Hopeful I might one day or miserably fail . However it is " Let's Go-kooL "…

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