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This is my first short animation. It’s not quite long and it’s basically focused on some of my interests towards image. I tried to work over a few basic visual concepts: LINE as an essential image element and its realation to drawing and SYMMETRY as an element of composition. I truly believe that drafting is the essence of visual thinking. From the rough stage of any artistic project to the schematics of a diagram or outline to which you may refer to, before writing a text.

On the other hand, from the storytelling point of view I’m interested in the ANECDOTE as a premise for a short story. This is something I take from history of art and painting. This resource was commonly used to add some ludic element to a painting. It was commonly achieved by the introduction of non transcendent events into the story represented on the canvas. It was also used as the theme itself. Upon what I do; I believe I try to expose the beauty of ephemeral.


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Visual Arts Bachelor PUC - Pontificia Universidad Católica - Santiago de Chile. Painter, Draftsman, Animator, Biker.

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