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Quaid-e-Azam is a great personality and he is not only a leader of Pakistan but also a great statesman.He showed brilliant powers during Pakistan movement.He told British why addressing the Muslim League in Lahore.He made it clear that the Muslim are not minority but a Nation.

Everyone thought that he was asking for more election seats, Government jobs for Muslim.But later his determination.It in his addressing  Muslim League at Delhi he said that the Muslim were raising become Nation.During world ware 2 he supported Britten against their opponent.This thing shows his brilliant Strategy.

But he could not get all those areas that he wants.He wanted to make Kolkata as a Eastern Pakistan.He wanted to included  whole Punjab in to the Pakistan.But he could not do that due to some reason.He said in his guiding principle that they were justice and completely impartiality after partition he give attention to the poor.

He said that it is the first duty of Government to maintain law and order.He also want against briber and corruption.His last aspiration  was to have to friendly relation to India.As he called India in the respect.He want both country to be a good friends.But his hope turned in to a violent reality in the form of problem of Kashmir.After a few months of partition of India and Pakistan.

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