About spiritualism

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A  man who want to know about spiritualism so first of all he should know his own
 the soul, the percept of the 'Rooh' due to the 'Alam-e-Mahsoosat' I.e. your sensory perceptions, 'yet to treat what Is not known to a person, as wrong on such flimsy ground Is not tangible. A person with such conceit must be diagnosed Immediately that he Is not at all In his right elements sped ally when he says that 'just as I know that two are more than one I donot have to be told, I know fully well that there Is no such things as 'Rooh' or soul. he does not feel about his feelings during his personal maditation its mean enter to his heartvillainous deeds and the treachery are the signs and symbols of the devil. So, If you think you are also one of these Satans, you should please your heart by following In their footsteps. On the other hand, unlike the animals and the beasts, to seek the magnificence of A\1ah Is food for the souls of the angles. And If you are from the angles you should, like them, try to behold the glory of Allah, so that you are freed from Immoral sensual happiness