About World Yoga Day

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Yesterday was the first world yoga day, what is the specialty inside the yoga is the question, when there are many martial and self defense arts are available. Well! Answer is very simple, yoga can be done by any person, there is different types of asnas are available for all types of body.  In other arts only particular people could learn the art and shine in the art, here in yoga any person fat or lean is not a problem he or she would be able to do all exercises, and keep the body in best condition.

What is really yoga does in the body; our body system is with the combinations of water, waste and digestion system. All these three are bringing cold for a person or problem in constipation. Now any person can avoid these problems by breathing and moving hands and legs according to breath. This way all the body system is working well.

What is the advantage of learning yoga, is a common question, a person can control his breath to death level is the nature of art. This means, a person can dye and comeback again freshly, this is the system yoga lessons. In that case, a person is also aware when his breath would stop naturally, that means, a person would understand when he is going to pass away this world, with the help of breath practice made in yoga. This is the ultimate reasons for United Nations to declare a day for yoga, this is medical based breathing art for healthy body. This yoga passed to all over the world from India, because all Indians are aware about yoga positions and already doing them in various works, past five thousand years. 

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