Abundance Sadness

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Persistent uncontrollable disturbing states (dysthymia)

You were given a brilliant tool, the vehicle called mind (brain), then you were placed in a neutral situation, more or less favorable, depending on your creative capabilities.
Here you can live the formidable experience of the Union or the illusion of separation. Sometimes it seems so hard and yet when you doubt your goal and your capabilities, you give power of illusion!

(Stages of healing):

Identify the purpose of your sadness, then uses it as you touch it ... The more you want to remove sorrow from you, the more it will remain around you until you will use for the purpose for which you created. He lives with sadness, but not live in them! Accept it, however, did not become sad! Embrace it, and with it will work miracles!

"Life begins at:" I am forced to fly to go where others would simply walk "(unknow), and continue to live levitate."

Alberto Baco source


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