Abuse - signs and what you should do

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People who abuse others are not aware that they are criminal minded to an extent. They might be doing it unawares. They abuse those who fall prey easily like a shy family member, spouse, partner or friend.

Signs of abuse

Complaints about how nothing is right and how you are responsible for every fault - just dont bother to explain, just don't talk because it will add oil to the fire. The fire will subside.

Guilt words declaring that your action is the cause of all troubles - just don't speak about the past difference, events or argue because it will only fan the flames

Verbal assaults when nothing works to upset you is the sign that the abuser is upset with your silence - never remain on the scene then - escape into another place because it could get worse. If it leads to physical assaults - complain to the authorities - never hesitate because no one has the right to treat you like shabby.

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