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There are many types different forms of abuse. This act is an act of not so nice behaviour resulting in behaviour towards a person either with bad intentions or something that happens that wasnt deliberate. It is against the rights of a human & if its not given any attention, the consequences can be life threatning even leading to death. Now lets look at the different types of abuse.


* Physical abuse: This involves physically hitting somebody as in the form of punching, slapping , pinching, pushing etc. Nobody has the right to physically hurt anyone. * Psychological Abuse: This form of abuse is abuse of the brain. Threatning someone , threatning to hurt or kill, shouting, swearing , racist abuse , name calling...etc* Sexual abuse: This form of abuse includes rape, or having sex without the consent of the other person , sexual assult , unwanted sexual attacks , being a victim to indecent activities or being forced / blackmailed into having sex with somebody out of force.

* Fanancial abuse: This act involves acts such as stealing due to not having enough money, fraud, * Discrimination abuse: This kind of abuse includes being called racist remarks because of your colour or religion. Being judgmental towards somebodys disability , age , or beliefs. Any kind of form of abuse is not normal & should not be accepted. Being in a relationship with someone means you should feel loved and protected by them.

Whoever you are , & whoever it is suffering from any kind of abuse, you must never never stay quiet. You must report the incident to whoever you feel is appropriate such as the police , social workers or any charity organisations you may know of. The worst thing we could ever do is staying quiet about it & taking any action.....

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