Accepting of responsibility and understanding reality of life…

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When we accept our responsbibility and perceive the truths we do very big work In our life and it helps us to be a successful person.


Accepting of  these Regulations will be our big work of our life such us:

When a  child can prepare his /her bed, his mother prepare it, or he can eat his Food, but  his /her mother gives food  to his mouth.

This  situation hurts the child and he grows  up  with no confidence  and always  Run  a way from  his /her  responsibilities  and  in inculcates  him self that I  can

Nothing  accepting responsibility  and giving  responsibility to the child is

Confidence  factor  for  child .

When  we give responsibility for children and when he grows up he accept his/her

Responsibilities and  does his works  very  best , he always  says  “I can”.


He /her never say “I can’t”  , because  he always did.

His /her works  from the being  and he has confidence in his abilities  and  strengths.

For this reason he become a good and successful person  .

Understanding of  facts  is also like this .

The fact is that ,  that we must  accept it, in our life which happen good or bad Situation, but mostly we like the sweet realites but we  ignore ba or bitter realities

And heat them heating and ignoreing of realities are not way to solve the problems, but it helps the problems to become biger if we  ignore the problem

Never leave us and always follow us .


These problems in worst  form  times us a worst enemy appear  to us .

So it’s bitter when we see that realities are bitter /bad first we  must accept them

and find the solveing way and even, if the reality is that it should not be modify we must accept it and must solve it.


By: Freshta Razbaan

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Freshta Razbaan from Afghanistan

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