Accountability first and election later

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In true democratic countries constitution helps courts to ask politician about their properties and their any case if present in courts then accountability should be happen about each and every politician who take part in election.

If any politician found defaulter then he should be prohibited to take part in election .Accountability is very necessary for progress of country if defaulter politician comes forward then they will do corruption which is not good for country, even in true democratic countries courts ask from president and prime minister if they found guilty then they should be treated as criminal and no other politician should not hide from law because law is equal for poor and rich.

If there is accountability then every system goes to right path specially election commission and their members cannot cross their limits and they work according to law then free and fair election will happen which is very good for progress . government should make laws and reform which helps keeping free and fair election and care taker government plays very important role if they are neutral and do not favour any political party then election goes clean 

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