Acer, High Horse Labrador Dog

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Essex - Unlike horses in general, Acer only as high as 55 cm being born a dwarf.

If horses are generally used to be in the pasture, the horse is not the case with this one. Horse named Acer is more happy playing with a labrador dog in the house. Acer will more often be found in the fireplace or under the kitchen table.

Acer is a horse owned by a woman named Maureen O'Sullivan who was born with short stature. The horse was now only as high as 22 inches or about 55 cm. The high is similar to O'Sullivan pet labrador dog named Demon.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Acer body dwarfism caused by a recessive gene carried by both parents. Most of the dwarf horse will be killed by their owners due to health problems. However, O'Sullivan would not do that on the Acer Acer because up to now are still in a healthy state.

Daily, Acer love watching television. He was happy to run around and sniff everything. Although Acer is received in the home, it also has its own home on the ranch Miniature Horse Farm is run by its owners. The cage was adjusted to body size Acer so he can look around the yard despite his small size.

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