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A Friend:  “Dude how is your girlfriend??
Where is she?? How she looks haan??”
He (with a smile on his face): …Looks??

Words are not enough to define her.

She is not just my girlfriend.

She is my soul mate, my princess, my
angel; she is simply my love…
I am lost in her totally. Her eyes are stunning,
they have imprinted on me, they have
galvanized me.

I am prisoner of her for life, for
Her blue Iris… clear as blue water explains all
about her beauty explains my love for her…
Her face is divine beauty to me; it’s now carved
in my heart forever.

When I feel her it’s like,
they are so soothing, soft and pleasant.

Each day my hands urge more of her cheeks and my
lips too…..
She is exquisite, she is ravishing, she is
admirable to me…
When she smiles na….everything around
her, the whole atmosphere, the whole of me is
just filled with positivity.

Every single piece of life around her sings with her,

laughs with her…
She lives for me and I live for her and always
will….and I am proud of her
Friend: “Is she that much beautiful??”
He (with a smile):- “Yes…she is!!!…Oohhh look, there she is”
And when he saw her, he was proud of his choice, he was proud of his friend…..
…..SHE is beautiful.
…..SHE is dazzling.
…..SHE is fascinating.

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