Acid attacks; a spur on India' face

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India is really a hell for women. We hear the cases of rape, murder, trafficking, infanticide and foeticide of baby girls every day and if you escape form these then wait their is another brutal act which will make your life hell and that is acid throwing which will not just Pulverize the face of women but also her soul.
We use acid products in our life for many purposes , it ranges from toilet cleanser to bleach but in India they are used for one other purpose to demolish the identity of women. Just last month 6 to 7 cases of acid attacks were registered in which one was really brutal the woman was first raped by 5 men and then they force her to drink acid, they also pour some of acid on her face to make her identification harder. These cases are happening every day in India but Indian government is taking no action. 

According to acid survival trust working in India every year about seven hundred to eight hundred cases come on the scenario of world. These cases are increased about twenty percent in last five years. 2004 just 480 cases were noticed this is really a serious condition in India. Mostly cases are carried by the jilted lover or due to the refusal to proposal, many cases are also occur due to dowry as bride side pays less dowry to the groom and in the end the unfortunate woman face the acid attack which scars not just her face and body but also her soul. Some time land disputes or fights also cause the acid attack.

 According to estimate about 34% cases of acid attacks are due to the refusal to marriage proposal, or it is carried by a jilted lover, the attacks due to dowry also comes in this. About 20% are cases are due to some land dispute or some fight and rest are after sexual assault in which man first rape woman and then pour acid on her face to make her scarred or sometime to kill her to conceal their heinous act.

These cases print their marks on the brain to women and make then physiologically weak. Some of these women attempt suicide, some of these spent their whole life in misery and some show courage and fight back like Lakshmi, the girl who was attacked when she was just 16 year old, she fight a great fight to get the justice and now she is working for victims of acid attack in India, due to her courage and her spirit the First lady Michelle Obama gave her award along with seven other girls, But Mostly girls  after attack don't show such courage and they spent their whole life like a hell.

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