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                                                    ACID RAIN

Acid rain is not a name of thing which from outside of our planet. It exists in our planet and its amount is increasing day by day. Let’s have a brief introduction of acid rain.


It is the term given to the rain that have lower pH than seven (pH discussed is before). Its mean is that it will react like acid.


It has negative effect on the followings

  • Plants
  • Infrastructure of metal
  • Aquatic life
  • Statue
  • Human health


It decreases the photosynthetic process of plants. It stops the growth of plant roots and minimizes the leaf number. As a consequence plant led to die. It also affects the color of leaf.  


Human effect:

Acid rain not directly effects human health. It indirectly affects the heart and lungs. And create asthma and bronchitis.

Building Infrastructures:

The metallic structure of buildings affected by acid rain because it causes corrosion of metals as it has acid characteristics.

Buildings and statue:

Lime stone is used in buildings and statue it is basic in nature and acid rain damage. It’s an acid base fight.

Aquatic life:

Acid rain has direct effect on fishes as it lowers the pH of water. Fish eggs not hatched out as pH become lower than the 5. And it also kills fishes for example Trout etc.


Main sources of acid rains are coal fire plant, where electricity generated by burning of coal. And second biggest source is the fossil fuel as it produces SOX and NOX, which are responsible for acid rain.


EPA of many countries have made policies to minimize the use of such fuel that enhances the rate of acid rain.