Action cute boy who is bored during a visit at Obama office

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Action cute boy in the room of the President Barack Obama. (Lawrence Jackson/White House)


New York - The reaction of the boy's laughter attracted the attention of anyone who sees it. How not, the unnamed boy buried her face in the couch that was in the office of President Barack Obama at the White House.

At that time, as reported by, Wednesday (09/10/2014), a presidential guard and his wife were met with Obama. They were involved in the conversation exciting moment, so forget about his son who was also in the room.

Whether looking for attention because they feel neglected, or bored and do not know what to do, the son of a Secret Service agent that was dropped onto the sofa soft. With her ​​face buried first position.

The moment was caught on camera White House photographer Lawrence Jackson when they visit on June 23, 2014.

The White House then released pictures behind the scenes at the meeting, through its official Flickr account.

The same happened when Obama attended the event in memory of the death of Nelson Mandela's inspirational figures, the end of 2013, the White House photographer Pete Souza also perpetuate a number of drawings that far from being formal.

One of them, while Obama smiles at the camera, his hand pointed toward a boy who falls asleep in the event that he attended on June 14, 2013 at the White House. He was not angry though sleepy boy's beating the significance of its presence.


The boy was about 10 years old. Dress suit neatly using shirts, suit, and tie. Maybe he was exhausted. Meanwhile, the guests chuckled another look to see action 'fad' president.

"It can happen when you fall asleep in front of the president ..." Thus chirp Huffington Post Twitter account.

Another photo that is not less ridiculous Obama has also been carried out and a female toddler on June 14, 2013, during which he invited members of staff Adam Neufeld to the Oval Office for a farewell photo.


Neufeld when carrying daughter 6 months old, the boy was trying to grab Obama's face - which directly inflated cheeks.

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