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Facebook-Integrated Wallet Makes Sending Bitcoin as Easy as Messaging
Starting with Facebook

Hayner told CoinDesk that a Facebook-centric social wallet seemed like the best avenue for starting a bitcoin company. This certainly makes sense considering the social network had around 1.28 billion users as of March 2014.

However, said Hayner, he and the company's other co-founders William Cotton and Nathan Lands (who organized February's Bitcoin Fair in San Francisco), have other services planned.
As bitcoin is still an early adopter technology, getting bitcoin in the hands of as many people as possible is something that the industry needs in order to progress.

That's why QuickCoin's founders have kept its wallet as simple as possible, believing that even aspects of the technology such as QR codes should only be introduced to users if absolutely necessary.

"Not everyone has the time to do extensive research about bitcoin before they begin to use it," said Hayner. "In fact, most of the people browsing the Internet today couldn't tell you how DNS works, the same is true for bitcoin."

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