Activity to teach science of living and non-living

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Name: Murder Mystery Game

Time: 90 minutes


1.      Mystery Script, 3 per group.

2.      Mystery grid, 3 per group.

3.      8 clues , 3 per Group

4.      Mystery Murder Worksheet (See appendix IV)

5.      Multimedia

6.      Bingo prop per group

 Student Learning Outcomes:

1.      Recognize that living things grow, reproduce, respire, execrate, move, get nutrition and are sensitive.


1.      Sharing the attribute of science that science contributes in the society, facilitator will tell the student that being a biologist they are going to solve murder mystery game.

2.      Facilitator will share the story with students with pictorial presentation.


Once upon a time, there was a living town, the people of town live happily and peacefully. In the evening suddenly a strange thing happened. The alarm of living town ranged in clear night sky.  It was the tradition of town they only hear ring on special holiday’s. They never heard before the ringing bell voice in the middle of the summer evening. This unaccepted event brought all people out from their homes. Everyone was shocked and asking each other so many questions. As alarm stopped Ali went to center of the town, there he shouted murder, murder. It was Hadi who murdered, people of town didn’t know why and how it happened. Everyone was shocked, and seeing each other with doubtful eyes. Ali asked everyone to help me to solve this case who did this crime.

Ali needs your help to solve it!  Something has gone wrong in the community of Living Town.   Some did murder of Hadi. This is very little information about this murder case. It is challenge for you to solve the murder case, so Ali put this responsivity upon you to solve this case quickly as people of town can live peaceful and happily again.

1.      The mystery is that  Ali needs your help to solve it!  Something has gone amiss in the community of Living Town.  Someone or something has committed a crime, or have they?  There is very little information about it.  In your Science groups, you will complete cooperative activities to find out quiet whether the crime was committed by a living or nonliving thing.  

2.        So the challenge is on and the challenge is yours!  Ali puts his  faith in you to solve this crime quickly so that the people can relax and enjoy their safe town once again.  The mayor admits that this is a difficult problem and wants to pay you for your time, energy and cleverness. 

3.      Each group will receive a copy of a mystery grid and also a mystery script.  Facilitator will tell students that you get clues you will deduce who or what didn’t commit the crime within 3 minutes.  With each clue and deduction, you will cross off a living or nonliving thing on your mystery grid.  This grid will help you to stay organized while you’re in the thick of problem solving!

4.      When group solve the clue they are requested to show bingo prop , as facilitator can keep the record and in last decide who is the winner of the game

5.      Facilitator will distribute the first clue card to the different groups. Students will read the clue and decide whether the person or thing given is living or nonliving.

6.      As a class, discuss whether the person or thing is living or nonliving and why. Then distribute the second clue card, and so forth

Note: Each clue discussion will explain the one characteristics of living. During group work facilitator will play music.


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