Adam had a long neck and large abnormal vertebrae caused by excess 3

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The extra vertebrae press on nerves in the neck so Fu Wengui always have difficulty walking.

Though not a tribal custom of wearing multiple rings to lengthen the neck but Fu Wengui 15 year old boy still has a long neck than that of ordinary people. Reportedly, this difference in appearance is due to excess boy 3 cervical vertebrae.

After many years suffered from neck pain caused giant, Fu Wengui, 15 years old, living in Beijing, China will be the upcoming surgery treatment.

While typically only 7 cervical vertebrae, the Wengui back to 10 bites. In addition, he was suffering from a variety of different diseases. Wengui dad said, inserting extra 3 cervical vertebrae to nerves in the neck so he always had difficulty in walking.

In 6 years, Wengui diagnosed congenital scoliosis and rib deformity. Congenital scoliosis is spinal deformity disease caused by the vertebrae do not form completely. The disease occurs in the first 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Currently he is preparing Wengui miniature surgical neck size Chaoyang Hospital. Reportedly, the entire cost of treatment by a charitable organization funded in Beijing.


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