Addiction, a disastrous phenomenon

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Addiction, addicted and addict are the repetitive words that bother us when hearing. Addiction takes place in our mine with a black, disastrous, miserable, destroying and unlucky background. If a member of a family becomes addicted in any kinds of narcotics, it impresses all the family. It changes to a family problem that destroys the fundamental, unity, respectability, mental and physical health of the family. As, addiction and its treatment are time consuming processes, the children of the family are most vulnerable of it.  The addicted person is not able to do his responsibilities as well as before. He/she loses its self-confidence and thinks his/her self as a weak person who is not able to makes decisions, determines aims and achieve them. Addiction takes the dynamism of a person, a society and if continues the whole country. As addicted people are not able to provide their necessities, they go through illegal and criminal ways. Most of the crimes in the cities are done by the addicted people.


Every kind of dependence, physical or spiritual to every kind of narcotics is called addiction, and the person who is dependent on every kind of narcotics is called addicted. Addicted people are empty of emotions and rationality. The only thing that they think about is, to take drugs. An addicted person is more a patient than a healthy person. Others should take care of him/her to take him/her out of this disastrous world.

There are different factors for addiction as following:

  1. Personal factors, such as: depressions, panics, mental illnesses, disappointment, frustrations, weaknesses, illiteracy, and personality poverty.

  2. Social and family factors such as: Bad situation of the family, extreme leniency or strictness and domestic dissolution.

  3. Cultural factors: some families, societies and people culturally do not pay attention to addiction and its losses.

  4. Economical problems. Unemployment, lack of welfare facilities, and economical inequality are some of the economical factors that cause addiction.

A question occurs in my mind repeatedly that  what to do to keep the society out of addiction? The responses could be miscellaneous for different societies, according to their culture, traditions, laws and common perspective about the addiction. 

  1. Prevention.  It is the best way to keep people out of narcotics by awareness, legitimate prohibitions, emphasizing on social and family relationships to prevent drugs, providing necessary welfare situations for people, decreasing the poverty level in the society and so more.

  2. Personal aspect. People should get one by one necessary awareness about the narcotics and their losses. The individual self-confidence and efficiency should be increased and the depressions and panics should be prevented.

  3. Economical aspect is also very important. Poverty and unemployment should be considered very seriously, to be solved. The government and other responsible institutions should combat with every kind of drug to keep it unreachable in the society and its price goes higher, that people cannot get to it easily.

  4. Social aspect. The society should get to a definite response that narcotics are harmful and take action against them.

  5. Cultural aspect. Narcotics should be showed very disastrous and bad phenomenon in the society and in culture of a society.


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