Adolf Hitler (Part 2)

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                                        Adolf Hitler

Hitler provided Francisco France weapons and airplanes during the Spanish Civil war of 1936.Hitler believed that Germany needed to expand in the east in order to find living spaces so he started his occupation from student land of Czechoslovakia in September 1938.Later in 1939 he captured remaining Czechoslovakia.In the same year Poland was divided among Germany and USSR due to which World War II exploded on 3rd September 1939.



Within a time of seven months almost all of Europe surrendered in front of Hitler and Britain was left alone fighting against Germany.In 1941 Hitler fought against Moscow.When Britain was almost defeated Hitler neglected the western front, which was the second and last turning point of his life.The American had entered the war and now along with the Britain the started reoccupation of the western Europe.When Hitler realized that his Western front need more attention,his eastern front slipped from his hand due to severe cold of December 1941.USSR recaptured Moscow and taking benefit of the winter,entered into German invade land.Finally the war which seemed to march in perfect harmony besides Hitler betrayed him and favored Britain and his Allies.In 1944 the Allies recaptured Europe and surrounded Hitler from all sides.On 6th June 1944 the Allies invaded France and the Russians broke through in the west,forcing Hitler to move his headquarter back to Berlin.Hitler was the victim of an assassination attempt by a group of his own traitor officers on 20th July 1944, but he miraculously survived with superficial scratches.

Towards the end of the war he is believed to have suffered nervous breakdown.He remained in Berlin when the Russians entered the city towards the end of April 1,1945.With German defence crumbling in the east and west, Hitler finally realized that his fate was sealed. Having appointed Adm, He decided on suicide rather than surrender (30th April 1945) along with Eva Braun. Their bodies splashed with Gasoline were burned in the `Chancellery Garden` under Hilter`s orders.

                              "Eva Braun and Hitler standing together"


Hitler`s ability as a politician sprang from combination to two different sorts of gifts. The first was the gift of orator.No man has ever been successful in exciting crowded meating. He had a hypnotic effect on many who heard him, and he fascinated many who met him.He understood exactly how far he could go. The capacity to plan, plot and wait for his opportunities was his second gift.No man has ever been consumed with the lust to dominate than Adolf Hitler. He had strong faith in himself but his pride on extreme victories caused him to lose not only the war but also "his life".



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