" Advantages and disadvantages of internet"

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Some important advantages of internet are as follows:

1. Information search:

                                    Internet contains information on all types of topic.People can search information on any topic.Search engines are used to search information on internet.

2. Email:

                 Email is an inexpensive and fast way of communication . It is used to send messages, pictures and files from one part of the world to another part.

3. E-Commerce 

                          E-Commerce means to carry out financial and business dealing using internet.Aperson can deal with his customers throughout the world.

4.Online Results:

                           Internet provides the facility to display results of students on websites.Many colleges and universities provides online result.

5. Online Shopping:

                                  People can buy and sell good on internet . Even payments can be made using credit cards numbers etc.

6. Fast Communication:

                                            Internet is a way of fast communication.People can communicate with one another in less time from any part of the world.

7. Job Search:

                      Internet is used to search different types of jobs all over the world . Many websites are developed that provide information to the people about job vacancies.

8. Entertainment :

                               Internet provides alot of entertainment to the people.The users can play online games, listen songs , watch movies and live matches etc.

Disadvantages of internet:


                                       Hacking is one of the most important disadvantages of internet.The hackers access the data stored on computers across internet.

2. Immorality:

                        Ineternet contains a large number of immoral websites.These website scontain such meterial that is against the moral values of our society.

3. Security problems:

                                     There is alot of security problems. so We can say that it is upto the user of the inetrnet that he or she uses it in a good manner or not.

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