Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

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 Before I start, here is a video on What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

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AI or Artificial Intelligence is a computer system or machine that mimics human intelligence. More businesses from around the globe are using Artificial Intelligence because of the broad range of advantages that it offers such as banking and finance, healthcare, etc. There are two Artificial Intelligence categories, and these are strong and weak. A strong Artificial Intelligence can do human-like actions that are complicated, and they are perfect for hospital use. Meanwhile, weak Artificial Intelligence is designed to perform a particular task. The best example of a weak Artificial Intelligence will be Apple's Siri. 

However, there are some controversies in Artificial Intelligence from the public. One of the main concerns is the workforce. They are being replaced by AI's which means human labor will be out soon. Moreover, it can cause massive destruction as it can be used as a weapon. But in spite of these issues, there are advantages of Artificial Intelligence that you should know.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

If you want to know the advantages of Artificial Intelligence, continue reading below. 

  • Convenience

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It is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence can give you the convenience that you need. If you are a business owner, it will come in handy, especially if you own a bank or hospital. The banking and finance industry is always at risk for frauds and strange credit or debit card usage. Hackers can steal valuable information such as name, birthdate, credit card number, etc. But with the help of Artificial Intelligence, fraud and money laundering can be detected in a matter of minutes. 

  • Efficiency


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AI or Artificial Intelligence has proven to improve efficiency in different business sectors such as banking and finance, medicine, etc. Human error is common, and it's understandable because nobody's perfect. But if you will be using AI for your business, mistakes can be avoided. Moreover, it can help your employees to work faster. Remember, time is important in any part of a business because time wasted, is equated to a loss of money. You can't afford it to happen, especially if your business is starting. 

  • Daily Application


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AI has been part of many households, offices, etc. It has been helping to increase accuracy and efficiency, and it's already been proven in different business sectors. One of the best examples of AI is your smartphone. Today's smartphone can do a lot of things. For example, you can use it as a GPS with the help of Google or Waze application. Also, you can use the predictive text to correct human errors such as grammar, spelling, etc. 

  • Manage Repetitive Jobs


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Let's admit it, repetitive jobs can be challenging on many levels. But that kind of work can be easily managed by AI or a robot. Robots can think faster than a human and can do a wide range of tasks, and that includes dangerous works that can pose a potential risk to the overall health and well-being of human beings. 

  • Organize Data Records


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Organizing data is not an easy task. If you own a corporation and you have hundreds to thousands of employees, it will be hard to monitor each of them if you will do it manually. You need a machine to help you organize and manage data records. It won't sleep or take a break, and it will work non-stop even after office hours. Moreover, it will know whether there are duplicates or not, group data, etc. 

I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I am rooting for the machines." 

- Claude Shannon

  • Help Assess People


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One of the advantages of artificial intelligence is its ability to assess people. It is for medical purposes - which can encourage medical procedures and provide the necessary information of the condition of the patient, side effects of a medicine, etc. Shortly, robotics in different hospitals from around the world are expected to rise. Don't be surprised at all because technology keeps on improving as the day goes by. Today, robotics is used often in supporting mental health patients when it comes to their anxiety issues and other things. 

  • Digital Assistant


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If you don't want to hire a lot of people to work for you because of many different reasons, you can take advantage of an AI. An AI can interact just like human beings, but of course, with the absence of emotions. It is beneficial because it will think logically which can help in making the right decisions. 

  • Spare People from Hazardous Applications


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Artificial Intelligence will spare people from hazardous applications. If you think your employee will be at risk, make sure to consider AI as your alternative. It is the best choice, especially in the industry of fuel and mining. Also, it can perform demanding tasks, and provide accurate results without delay. Take note that such is not good for your business. It can cost you a lot of money even just for a day of delays. 

  • Reduce Errors


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Again, as humans committing mistakes are normal. No one on this earth is perfect. But if you are in the medical sector, you can't afford to make a slip-up. A patient is at stake, and you will be responsible for whatever happens to him or her. But with the help of an AI, errors will be avoided or reduced. 

Before I say my final thoughts, here is a video on Artificial Intelligence: Mankind's Last Invention

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Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence is one of the best discoveries to date. There may be some issues about it, but definitely, it has and is continuing to get better as the day passes by. With the rise of AI manual work has been reduced to a great extent. And now that AI or computers are used almost in any industry, we human beings are becoming more reliant on them because they can perform critical work that some of us human beings can't do. 

Thank you for reading guys!

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