Advertising & Its Effect on Education in Developing Countries like Afghanistan

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Advertising is a very sophisticated study of human interest and mind. It is playing with people's interests and stimulating them. Successful advertising, just like successful entertainment and education, needs specific minds and people. It needs the talents to control and affect people's minds.

We met here in NYC two very interesting people born in Italy. They share the same name and 15 years of history, they are global creative directors at Saatchi & Saatchi. They know how to express things in the best way possible. The following video is about their farewell to Milan (Luca & Luca) when they moved to NYC last year:


Here are three other videos that I really liked from their creative library and the reasons why:

Dear Future Mom – It’s one of the most interesting videos that I have seen about children with Down syndrome. With the collaboration from Coordwon and Saatchi & Saatchi, they made this video for the World Down Syndrome Day. The video answers a question that was actually asked by a mother from Coordown organization. The questions was “What kind of life will my child have?” The way they chose to show the future of that child, through children's messages to the mothers, is just wonderful!



Expecting “I just can’t wait to meet you” - One of the most odd, funny and irregular fiber one commercials. I have never seen such a thing before. It shows the story of a pregnant man who is waiting for a specific time, but time passes really slowly for him. The video has an unexpected ending. The original song of the video is sung by Michael Bolton. It is really interesting for the viewers to see how they illustrate and advertise a product in an odd way.

“Pampers: Hush Little Baby” – A great way to show how we can make a better life for babies. It’s an advertising video for Pampers created by Saatchi & Saatchi. It’s inspiring for me because it express the feelings of people when seeing a baby. We care and try to always help them. The interesting part is that the song's lyrics simply describe those feelings.


As an afghan woman who has been working for women's empowerment via technology, I believe that in a developing country such as Afghanistan where people spend most of their time watching the media, advertising could be very influential and vital in every aspect of their social life.

In the current era, education is supposed to heal the defect core of Afghan society and it is the only hope that guarantees a bright future for the Afghan. Education is a must to do for every Afghan. Unfortunately, due to lack of literacy, not all people are aware of this fact. In order to raise awareness among such people, advertisement is the only effective method, and until now, it has given a very good result in the country.

TV and radio programs, newspapers, magazine articles and online social media all have made a deep impact and widely helped increase the number of students who go to school. Humor, feelings, informative education can all fit into a commercial without the strict requirements of traditional education.

Check below an example of an American University of Afghanistan advertisement video

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