Afghan chicken

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Afghan Chicken Afghan chicken is a nation-wide industry producing chicken and eggs. We are want to produce healthy chicken and have branches in most provinces of Afghanistan. One of our first plans is to import an incubator machine to raise chicken within Afghanistan and avoid lots of money from going out of country. Importing medicine for the chicken is the next plan. Health of chickens is our main priority, because if chickens with diseases are distributed in the market, different sicknesses may go along with them and this causes a problem. Food for our chickens should have the best quality ________. The poultry industry is a highly profitable industry and needs a huge investment with lots of knowledge of the field. The poultry industry is a new business with a few experiences in Afghanistan, and the existing companies cannot supply all the market. Annually hundred tons of chicken are imported from Iran and the Arabic countries through Pakistan. We want to make a self-sufficient market with little or no need for importing chicken from other countries. Since there is a weak competition in the poultry industry in Afghanistan, and most of our competitors produce at a very low level, our company can make Afghanistan independent from other countries. Since chicken is healthier than red meats, there is a high demand for it. Most of our consumers are individuals buying for own use. Wedding halls are our other intended target market. Chicken has many advantages compared to beef or mutton. First, it’s cheaper and people can easily afford it. A kilogram of mutton is as much as 120% more expensive than a kilogram of chicken. This is an advantage for us, because not many people can afford buying mutton. VALUE CHAIN: One main problem we are facing is the lack of stable electricity. Therefore, our products should be sold to customers as soon as possible, otherwise they will expire. We want our company to be registered with AISA (Afghanistan Investing Supporting Agency) and other international standardizing organizations like ISO. Our company is going to employ hundreds of employees, managers, vets and we are going to have a board of directors to manage the overall performance of the company. Market research has to be done

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