Afghan people and Internet

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Internet is a new phenomenon to Afghan people, but now this is not a new phenomenon for Afghan people anymore. The people who use Internet increase day by day and they get familiar with more than every day that passes.

    Now, every Afghan who has a mobile they can have access to Internet easily.

Afghan telecommunication companies have provided for the people the 3g Internet recently.

Afghan people use 3g Internet system that even afghan neighboring countries have no access to.

Matin is a 23 year-old boy who studies at Heart University. He owns a Net Café and says, “Most of the people who come to my Net Café and use Internet are School and University students.”

     Farid is another 23-year-old who studies Literature Faculty at Herat University. He is a person who needs 2 to 3 hours of Internet. He says, “I provide my Internet use through my phone. I do my research about my University subjects.”

    Afghan Technology and Telecommunication ministry with the International Community cooperation try to help increase the use of Internet throughout Afghanistan. They would like Afghan people to have access to Internet across the country.

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