Afghan Presidential Election and North Waziristan Miltary Operation.Conspiracy or Reality?

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The Military operation in NorthWaziristan is due in a week or may be days as Pakistan Air force has pounded militant hideouts in the Tribal belt in NorthWaziristan.The latest escalation in tensions between the two sides rose when the Taliban claimed killing of 23 Fc men in Mohmand Agency.

The killing of the 23 fc men took place in the restive Kunar valley of Afghanistan and Pakistan foreign office has summonded the Afghan envoy to Pakistan to protest the killing in Afghan land.Afghanistan has denied the allegation and stated that the killing has nothing to do with Afghanistan .

There has already been huge deployments of Army and police in the main city of Peshawar as the situation remained tense in Peshawar and people has different opinions regarding the operations and its consequences.

Afghanistan is also facing a problems with the influx of militants after the military operation in Northwaziristan.Its a tribal belt with the militants moving freely on both sides of the border.There are presidential election in a month time and Pakistan opting for military operation is a very strange decision where Afghan,s are already struggling with their own militants and to face such a huge influx from the neighbouring Pakistan will definitly be a problem.

I can sense some kind of a conspiracy behind all the things that,s folding up in Pakistan in the recent month ,where Talks with Taliban were held,killing of 23 fc men and airstrikes followed.Holding elections in Afghanistan wont be easy and we need to consider other options to be able to have peacefull election where people are already struggling with the security situation.We need to make sure to have a close watch over the situation on Pakistan side and to take precautionary measure to handle the situation.

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