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This test asks the students to find the correct meaning of some Afghan proverbs.

  1. .ز گهواره تا گور دانش بجو.ی (Ze gahwaara taa guhr, daanesh bejoye.)  (ZM #1)

a. Knowledge is power.
b. You should know yourself  before you can know others.
c. Seek knowledge from cradle to grave.
d. I know the cradle is here.

  1. .مادر با یک دست گهواره ، و با دست دیگر جهان را تکان می‏دهد (Maadar ba yak dast gahwaara, wa ba dast-e degar jahaan-ra takaan mey-dehad.)  (ZM #9)

a. A mother uses her hands to shake dust from the carpet. 
b. Mother shakes the cradle with one hand, and the world with the other hand. 
c. A mother always has a cradle in her house.
d. The world shakes when a mother has a new cradle. 

  1. .تو به مه ، مه به تو   (Tu ba ma, ma ba tu.)  (ZM #37)

a. I will give you all my toys.
b. What is mine, is mine.
c. What is yours, is yours.
d. You to me, me to you.

  1. .احترام به دیگران ، احترام به خود است  (Ehteraam ba digaraan, ehteraam ba khod ast.)   (ZM #3)

a. Respecting other people is important.
b. It is important to respect yourself.
c. Respect to others is respect to yourself.
d. Respect yourself, but do not worry about what other people think.

  1. .خوب بپوش، خوب بخور، زندگی کوتاه است (Khoob be-push, khoob bukhor, zendagee ko-tah ast.)  (ZM #5)

a. If you eat too much, your clothes will not fit well.
b. Dress well, eat well, life is short.
c. Nice clothes make food taste better.
d. Always wear clothes when you eat.

  1. .زخم شمشیر جور می‏شه ، زخم زبان نه (Zakhme shamsher jour mey-sha, zakhme zabaan na.)  (ZM #11)

a. A sword wound will heal, but not a wound from words.
b. He always talks about his father’s sword.
c. You cannot hurt people with words.
d. Swords can hurt people, so you should not talk about them.

  1. .همه را به یک چشم نگاه کنید  (Hama-raa ba yak chashm negaah kuneed.)   (ZM #8)

a. Everyone should take care of their eyes.
b. In the land of blind people, a person with one eye is king.
c. Everyone should be looked at with the same eye.
d. You should look at people when you talk to them.

  1. .دنیا با امید زنده است  (Doon-ya baa omeed zenda ast.)  (ZM #106)

a. The world is full of living things.
b. I hope that one day I will travel around the world. 
c. I hope that my new school has a map of the world. 
d. The world is alive with hope.

  1. مولف کتاب "ضرب المثل ها: 151 ضرب المثل های  دری افغانستان"کی است؟  (Mow-alef-e ketob-e “Zarbul Masalha: Yak Sadoo Pinju Yak Zarbul Masalhoy-e Afghanistan” kee ast? Who is the author of the book “Zarbul Masalha: 151 Afghan Dari Proverbs”)

a. William Shakespeare
b. Leonardo Da Vinci
c. Mullah Nasrullah
d. Edward Zellem

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