Afghan student and blogger Semin Salihi on Social Media in Afghanistan

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Semin Salihi was born in Herat, Afghanistan. She is studying in 11th class at Hatifi High School. She writes blogs on Film Annex where she generates revenues with her work.

Here is her interview about social media and blogging on Film Annex:

Women's Annex: Do you have any social media networking profiles? What do you use them for?

Semin Salihi: I have accounts on Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail and Film Annex. I use them to read, write blogs, and share them. Social media helps communicate.


WA: How would you qualify your writing experience on Film Annex?

SS: I find Film Annex to be the best place for writing. Our teacher Fawzia Noori helps us understand the best way to use Film Annex, and share our. It is a great place to learn and make money.


WA:  How much did you benefit from the Women's Annex project which builds Internet classrooms in high school?

SS: There are some IT classes now thanks to Women’s Annex. We learn about computer, social media, computer programs and new technologies.


WA: What courses do you enjoy the most? Why?

SS: I am mostly interested in Internet classes, because I can communicate with the world and get new information. This is a real opportunity for us to think and act globally.

WA: What courses are the most challenging or difficult for you? Why?

SS: The mathematics course is very difficult and hard to understand. I prefer to study other subjects instead.


WA: What articles or books have you read this year that have a special meaning to you?

SS: I have been studying a lot of books. I studied Amir Hamza, some story books and books about film treatments. Studying is very helpful, and helps us improve our knowledge.

WA: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

SS: I imagine a brightened future for myself. I will be an expert in computers and will work hard towards my future. This is possible and I will do it.

WA: How do you spend your spare time?

SS: Time is gold, and we should spend it in the best possible way. I do not waste my time. I like to use it to study and play sports.


WA: If you could go to any place in the world, where would it be and why?

SS: I would like to travel to Turkey, continue my education and work for women’s rights.


WA: What do you write about?

SS: I have written blogs about politics. I am interested in expressing my thoughts, opinions and ideas.


WA: If you had to describe yourself in three word, what would they be?

SS: I have the best ethics and behavior, get annoyed very soon, and wish to be an economist in the future.


WA: Do you play any games? Which game do you like the most?

SS: I play volleyball, and I am now in the school’s team. Volleyball is my favorite sport.


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