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Nowadays many Afghan TV programs are for entertianment, like songs, satire, games, serial, sport and jocks. There are few informative programs or news program in each TV chainal. From all the songs are the most dominant in all medias. Women have minor  role in each  program of TV, but men have main  role. Mostly the female announcers are beautiful and attaractive.  They appare with heavy make up and attractive clothes. The TV owners’ use the ladies just for attracting the people, to have more viewer. And it is also as a competation among TVs.

In the same way most of the singer use the ladies to make their songs more attractive and  popular in the society. Also the people like the rethmic songs in which the ladies roleplay as dancers. Even some of the singers travel to other countries like Tajikestan for recording wonderful clips in which not only one lady but many ladies dance because in Afghanistan no company record such clips. It is also a competation between singers. For example, one Afghan singer by the name of Jawed Sharif has made a folklor song in which a lady is dancing with local clothes. His song became very popular, as he said more than 20 milion time people have watched his song in Youtube, and most of the people have liked the ladie’s dancing.

It is clear that TV owners, companies and singers use the women for their benefit. So why women accept their porposel? Maybe because of money. In my point of view women are more guilty than men because they create such situation, and allow the men to use them.






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