Afghan Women on Taliban era

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     Taliban regime was the worst era for Afghan women. They were deprived of all their basic rights, such as attending schools, going to the market for shopping, and to job or to be in touch with the people in the society.

“This was a dream for me to go out of my house or to go shopping when Taliban was on power. I was always cooped at home like a prisoner. The way they have been treating with my father and brothers outside, then my brothers and father was doing the same act on me and my other sisters at home,” said Shafiqa.

      She added that her father and brothers were acting like Taliban at home. For example, “They whip us when we dare to say, we would like to go to our aunt’s house or out of our house.”

She also talked about one her bad memories when she went out of her house, “I wore my burqa, and stood in front of the mirror to check whether my appearance is in accordance with Islamic rules or not. Then, I started going to” Jada-e- Lilami” or on sale stores, near Herat grand Masjid I faced to about five or six Taliban religious police. As they saw me, they rushed with flogs in their hands, and whipped me so much that I was in bed even for two-three days.”

This is not only Shafiqa with her bad memories about the Taliban regime, but there are hundreds of other women who were under such restrictions. In fact, Taliban left hundreds of illiterate and shy women in the country.

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Shekofa Mahsomi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, but now she lives in Herat, Afghanistan. She is studying Economics at Herat Universit too. Besides, she works at one of the private banks up here, and also she is writing blogs at Film Annex site.

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