Afghan women work challenges social acceptance

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If you look to the right rather than the years or the Taliban shining black women Amrvzjamh we have greater mobility in all aspects of occupational Jews, whether cultural, political, social, economic, artistic, etc..

This insecurity threatens to different women.
Vanthar slaughter, fanaticism inappropriate for some families, spouses, Pdrya Bradrvghyrh that plague women in our society today.
I do not deny that men and women in occupational success were fellow Jews.
Just 30 percent of women and men and their families who have been studying Vshaghl Vpshtvanh incentives.

It can not be because of past failures Vtahdy Brdvsh today's society men are not faultless cast, but in the realm of men.
Alien blind users and doers give the definitive answer.
If you are a stay at home mom with an educated and employed mothers will get to compare how much difference there is between them.

A woman who is employed and living a happy mood is quiet, there is far less intellectual preoccupations, child rearing and Salehi is with Donna.
Znashvhry makes good use of his healthy life and prefers slow?
endured, Vvaqa with honor and courage Afghanyt retains an Afghan woman and proud nation and its people have.

The hope that their country without any discrimination and distinction, and also to see peace.

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