Afghanistan and Drug dealing cases

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Afghanistan has been passed through a series of wars in the past which has negatively influenced the overall system of the country both internally and externally.In addition to political and economical crisis,this country has been in the downward movement of  social regression.One of the most unsolved difficulties that Afghan faces is the matter of drug dealing cases.Some scholars said that Afghanistan is the network for Highly banned drug deals.In addition to this,it is known that Taliban has financially supported itself using  the market of drug related cases.There are large acres of land which is cultivated mainly on poppy and heroin production.Landlords  who are  directly benefited with this drug cultivation has been financially strengthen their power of influencing the government by supporting Taliban forces.However,the government of Afghanistan led by Ahmed Karzai,said that it has been resulted a great success in the prevention of drug dealing cases throughout the Afghan rural areas.In addition to this the government said that a high amount of budget has been funded for the eradication of the drugs by planting various anti narcotic herbicides on the cultivated lands but the land owners have been increasing their financial outcome by using various anti government strategies even though they are frequently heard that they are on the side of Afghan government and willing to get rid of the drugs.Whatever the case is,the actual phenomena that Afghan has been faced is far from what the authorities said.Still now,drug dealing case is on the way that the healthy society is bleeding day to day.The government should give great attention and alternative economical pillars in action for the achievement and execution of development  goals.

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