Afghanistan and India Peninsula liaison

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The liaison between Afghanistan and India peninsula is from much time ago. From the ancient time to colonization period of Great Britain in the region, Afghanistan has always been impacted by the India peninsula, its status and vice versa. Afghanistan was the first country of the region that has got its independence from Great Britain and recognized as an independent country in the world in 1919, it has extended relations with the British government of India peninsula. When India peninsula got its independence and split up into India republic, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. The relationship between Afghanistan and the countries of the Peninsula varied deeply, especially Pakistan and India, and a new season of relationships in different grounds has begun. There always have been much more ups and downs, friendship and enmity in the relationship of Afghanistan with the countries that caused many years of wars and thousands of casualties. The enmity between Afghanistan and the countries caused more than thirty years of civil war in Afghanistan.

 Afghanistan, Pakistan and the tension of relationships

From the formation of Pakistan country always there have been tensions in relationship with Afghanistan on different issues. The shared border of two countries (Durand line), difference in interests, foreign supporters of either countriesbut, the internationally recognized border between these two countries is the most challenging element of the tension that Afghanistan does not recognize or admit it. To prevent the development and improvement of Afghanistan, Pakistan has been using every possible device since the beginning of the relationship, and Afghanistan has been doing the same, according to its power and possibilities. The Taliban, an insurgent group that is formed by Pakistan to fulfill the Pakistan’s plans out of the country, especially in Afghanistan, has been the most challenging matter for two decades. Afghanistan has been suffering from civil war by Taliban, the group which is directly supported by Pakistan and its army. Until these two countries would not be able to come on a consensus on their interests, the tension will continue and be strengthening.

India, with ancient friendly relationship

The republic of India has been taking an important role in development and support of Afghanistan. India has been an important education destination for Afghanistan’s students and scholars for many years, and now, yearly thousands of the students continue their education by Indian government scholarships, and every year tens thousands of students go to India for business, education, treatment, tourism, and etc. also, India is financially supporting tens of important projects of streets building, schools building, schooling, water dams building, hospitals building, and etc in Afghanistan. Also,India invested in derivation of some mines. Totally, the relationship between Afghanistan and India has always been positive, and India has been an important supporter country for Afghanistan.


If Afghanistan will not be able to find common interests with either of the important region countries, the difficulties will continue, and Afghanistan will change to battle ground of India and Pakistan. So, we as the people of Afghanistan should try to find a middle way to be able to live with people of both countries.

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