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 In each country culture means the people of believes


 opinions and their custom. Each country has a different culture.

In fact we can’t find a country without culture because country without culture is like a house without wall.

In this article culture I want to give you some information about culture’s of Afghanistan.


 Afghanistan is a country which has a perfect culture if keep its culture without changing. Here I want to say something about the celebration of Afghanistan and also about their different kind of custom.


Celebration: here are a different kind of celebration .the first president (president yammah) celebrate the new year for the first time by the name of (mehrgan)



 so from that time up to now people celebrate this and do a lot of fun each other the other custom is ( Mela –e- gul sorkh) which celebrates in ( Mazar –e-sharif). People go there in New Year, because it’s spring season and has a lot of red flowers and they are enjoying. During these days they are doing another activity by the name of (Gandeh Bala) gandeh bala custom is a kind of religion celebration and also people from other countries participates in this ceremony, on that day people raise Afghanistan flag in the shrine for forty days. And sick people come there because they believe that their illness becomes cure. One of the past thing that people do every year is that they make a special plant its name is (Samanak) this is very popular in each province which they are doing this. This plant is made by women all the women from each family come in one place and cook the plant they make it at midnight and also during cooking they sing spatial song and cook samank. In the morning they give this samank to the other member of family and also for their neighbors .


 Entertainments: in Afghanistan some obeys is a part of culture.


One of the famous cultures that people keep it from the past is (buz kashi) .its a kind of entertainment which people do special the northern of Afghanistan.


 In (bozkashi) participant super men. Each participant has a horse and in the competition they come with their horses. Competition celebrates in a huge place. There they kill a sheep and pick it in to the center of the ground. When the competition starts each person runs with his horse and trying to catch the sheep from the ground when one of them could catch the sheep will win the competition.


  All of us know that each country has to keep its culture. So In Afghanistan one part of a culture is the historical places that people always trying to keep and save them. Although in Afghanistan there was war for several years but it has kept its historical places. Each province has its historical places like (Manar-e-Jam) in Ghor


 ( fakhtiyaruddin castle or heart arg). Herat blue Masque and the collation of Minarets and Mosala of heart.

It was some information about my country’s culture. I hope it’s useful for all of you.




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