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     Afghanistan is a country that has experienced war and misery for about 30 years. One f the worst periods was the Taliban regime that had made Afghan individuals loses their hopes about having a prosperous future. For instance, the only crop of the people was to grow narcotics and ways how to export it to other countries.

    Today, everything is almost varied. As Taliban fell from the favor, Afghan people elected their own president. There for, their elected president did what they needed and what they wanted. One of their needs was to enjoy having the real democracy and freedom of express. Nowadays, they enjoy this much more than some neighboring countries.

     Sattar Alikozay, a 26-year-old man who received his bachelor's degree in Journalism field in 2006. He says, "The large number of media in Afghanistan is huge vary in the proportion of the region for Afghan people. Today, tens of media control what Afghan government performs both in interior affairs and foreign affairs."


     He is one of those Afghan individuals who could have changed the minds of some Afghans who were sensitive against some traditional issues, such as not to allow their wives to be unveiled and to be in the society. As he was working at Herat National Television as an announcer on voice of the village program (Awai Roosta), he taught and introduced new lives to those sensitive people. For example, he had gone to one of the remote areas of Herat and made program during a wedding ceremony. He explained that, "I interviewed both the bride and the groom in the same time." He believed that that was the first sparks of leading the society towards a way discrimination free. He added that, "He brought the women of Herat for the first time in front of the camera in order to speak about their problems and needs." Today, all women can dare to talk in front of the camera about their problems, needs, and achievements without any fear.

     Sattar Alikozay is involved in media activities for about ten years. During these years he has had many trips to different countries. For example, he has been to Iran, Tajikistan, Russia, Pakistan, and Emirates. The trips he had to mentioned countries caused him learn more about different cultures and social lives and to introduce Afghan cultures to them.

     Afghan people are now enjoying that freedom of express that even some Afghan neighboring countries such as Iran do not. Today, Afghan media are in the service of Iranians to convey their voices to the world's people. They do not have access to social media like Face book, Twitter, Film Annex, and You Tube, but Afghans have. Now, they not only have forgotten about those 30 years of war and misery but they have forgotten the Taliban dark regime, too. They think about development of Afghanistan instead.  

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