Afghanistan Female Soccer and Football Team, Women Empowerment

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The week is started well, and the team was in a good status. In spite of rainy weather in Kabul University, the team worked out normally. All the team players are cheerful and satisfied here, because they could exercise bodybuilding, play Ping Pong and take shower.

  In current week national team players who were attending in Challenge Cup competitions in laous, returned back and are moving on their exercises with their fellow players. As, Afghanistan national football team could catch the first place in these competitions with the result of two victory and one equality, and was ascended to the next stage of Challenge cup competitions. The success caused Afghanistan national football team to ascend 48 steps totally, come to 21th in Asia Continent, first in south of Asia and 141th in the world. This is a remarkable record for our country, which is encouraging the new athletic generation of our country, and motivating to go further. Also, it will be a role model for other sports branches to try hard as well as our football team Esteqlal

 We have variously taken films of the duration of exercises and plays of the Estaqlal Team, which Ms. Roya Mahbob as representative of Film Annex provided the facilities of the initiative. We express gratitude to her and Film Annex. Also, the women Football Team of Estaqlal which have been planning, is accomplished and the team started its exercises in football ground and gym of Kabul University.


We hope that Estaqlal Ladies Football Team could achieve remarkable achievements and looking to have sponser for ladies Football Team in near future.

By Ibrahim Mahboob

About the author


Ibrahim Mahboob is founder of Esteqlal Football/Futsal clubs in Kabul.
He did earn his bachelor degree from Civil Engineering of Kabul Universities.
Mahboob was found the Esteqlal Futsal club in 2003 and joined to Footbal club in 2001.
Estqlal FC is second position in primary legal in Kabul.

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