Afghanistan future lies in tourism

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Drove my car out, the destination the three day travel and tourism fair organized each year in my city. The event is quite captivating and edifying affair with state tourism board and even countries from different parts of the world participating.

The stall that fascinated me this time was from Afghanistan that spoke about the rich culture and the heritage of the Afghans difficult to overcome the after effects of the Taliban reign. The country is still trying hard to address the extremists struggling back to retain its pomp and glory.

Inside the podium displayed are the pictures of the heritages that worth seeing once you land up in that country. Band-e –Amir, Khyber Pass, Minaret of Jam, Panjshir Valley, the Kabul museum to name a few.

Khyber Pass a link trade route between the Indian subcontinent and Afghanistan describes the connection of friendship that existed for ages between us. Panjshir Valley the pictures itself depicts like the most mesmerizing place to visit in Afghanistan in the midst of its natural beauty. The valley is also close from Kabul just 150 km near the Hindukush Mountains.

It reminded me that humanity will surely miss the Buddha of Bamiyan that would have supplemented speaking of the histological glory of the Afghans.

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