Afghanistan, half empty or half full?

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The difference between pessimistic and optimistic is as simple as the way you look at the glass, half empty or half full? The tragic events in Afghanistan of the last week turned many into a pessimistic view of the same glass of water they have been looking at for the last 11 years, are you people so volatile? In the last few days Roya Mahboob and I have exchanged several emails and define several important steps towards our goal of building schools in Afghanistan, always on a positive note. We are both aware and sad about the events, but also very busy and working hard to make sure we achieve our goal. We are doing it because we are optimistic and the development of the Afghan education system is the greatest opportunity of this century. I like to surround my self of optimistic people, they give me the energy to move forward and never step backwards. Simple steps like sending a message on Linked In to Roya Mahboob allowed me to open Film Annex Afghanistan, we didn't need complicated legal agreements. I called Marine Jonathan Weinkiper and asked him what he feels about the Afghan legal system, he told me, its best to work on a handshake and trust the people you do business there if you feel its appropriate. Marine Weinkiper was optimistic, Roya was optimistic, I was optimistic and 7 weeks later I was at the United Nations on an interview with optimistic Ambassador Sacirbey explaining why optimistic people do things that pessimistic people don't. No Politics, Just Internet Francesco Rulli

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