Afghanistan - It is not only bullets

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Afghanistan the world over has been known because of the violence that is common over there. People of Afghanistan are fighting against their own people. Blood is being shed. Corruption is rampant. Poverty is common. There is lot of issues. The only hope for the people of Afghanistan is that their good will prevails and the democratic elected government can either crush the opposition or unite with the opposition to form a bright future. The sufferings are not only by the citizens of Afghanistan but also by the foreign troops who are fighting for the afghan people. Below video talks about one such experience.

But Afganistan is one of those countries which has strong cultural connections with other asian countries and boast of strong cultural ties. One such country is India. Indian movie (bollywood) songs are quite common entertainment options for most of the Afghani people and they can easily utter the rhymes in hindi language. True to the traditional bonding, the Indian government has been trying to help the country in civilan areas such as building roads, hospitals, schools etc.  Also India is going to host an international conference on Afghanistan within the next two weeks in New Delhi. The major purpose of this conference is to promote investment opportunities for MNC in Afghanistan.


Though Afghanistan is not one of the newest countries on the world map,  it is the sixth failed country in world as per the Failed States Index Data 2012 statistics released by The Fund for Peace. The main purpose of this statistics was to focus on political, economic and social pressure experienced by various countries. With most of the foreign troops about to withdraw by next year, the govt of Afghanistan has a strong task ahead of it. The United Nation and other global agencies will have to co-ordinate to help unite the Afghanistan. UN goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie on a visit to Afghanistan highlighted some of these points.

Maintaining a united Afghanistan free from opposition will be the top priority of world leaders. The world is going through a turbulent phase due to economic downturn. World powers will have to balance their act out and not sacrifice one for the other. President Obama did highlight the way forward, but it is not free of hurdles.


Afghanistan has resources and talent. But the bullets are holding back the true talent. A beautiful country is caged by problems. People feel unsecure. But since the percentage of people who feel positive about their country are more, the sacrifices made by this brave people are enormous. People are working to get afganistan to the world map. Cricket team of Afghanistan has qualified for the ICC conducted T20 world cup despite problems at home. Such events unite the country and hope one day Afghanistan streets become free of violence and hold a bright future for future generations.


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