Afghanistan Orphanage Receive Upgrades

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As you may know, few weeks ago I wrote about children recruitment by armed forces, such as the Taliban, in Afghanistan. The good news is that the Afghan government and police are trying their best to fix the problem.



Earlier this week I watched a video about another major issue in Afghanistan: the terrible conditions of orphanages in Afghanistan. I am glad to say that there has been a lot of progress made in improving these orphanages. According to the video by NATO, a man named Sayed Abdullah Hashemi recently became Afghanistan's Director of Orphanages for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Does that name not sound familiar? Have you not heard any story relating to Afghanistan's Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs? Neither had I.  


But I assure you. It's the name of a man you and I both need to know about.


Sayed Abdullah Hashemi is the man who is doing his best to put a stop to terrible conditions in Afghan orphanages. An orphan himself, the 29 year old has accomplished so much in the past 8 months. 


In the video, he is at an one of the Afghanistan orphanages on an unannounced audit (which he performs regularly) of the orphanage to make sure the conditions are up to date. I got to see the improvements and hard work through this video. I couldn't help but notice how very happy the children were to see him as he makes his rounds. One of the children even shares his excitement for their newly painted rooms and playground. The same child recently got several surgeries for his feet, which points out the efforts made to make sure that health care is provided for the orphans. Better food, indoor plumbing ,and better education through newly added courses are being provided for the children as well. All of these were made possible because of Hashemi and the employees of his department.


While I was watching this newsstory, I was reminded how this isn't only an issue in Afghanistan, but in many countries around the world as well.  It's always good to see someone made a difference in childrens' lives. I hate to be cliche and say this, but children are our future. Yet millions of children around the world live in poverty. What's amazing about this video is that this man has made it his personal mission to change the conditions of orphanages in Afghanistan. He also plans on seeking prosecution for corrupt and abusive employees and employees who fail to meet the new condition standards in the best interest of the children in these orphanages. 


This man is truly an extraordinary human being. Thank you, Sayed Abdullah Hashemi for allowing these children to live in better conditions rather than let the children fall through the cracks.


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