Afghanistan Traditions and Propagations

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Although every nation and tribe has their own and special traditions in Afghanistan, but there are similarities and unities in all religious and national customs, such as parties, weddings, commemoration of the martyrs of Karbela and other assembly.

1, parties: Afghanistan people are commonly hospitable. They bring to their guests, the best and pride comestible and eatable things they have.
Afghan people have a supernatural respect to their guests and even if they have dry bread in their home will open the door to guest and bring that to him affability.

Weddings and Joyances: these ceremonies are celebrated by special traditions in each tribe or nation.
Charity and Vows: charity and vows are existed in Afghanistan community from a long time.
The people join to give charity or vow when they have problem such; disease, drought or etc… and also if their problem is solved by almighty Allah they give charity.

Feasts: feast days have special traditions in different layers of people in Afghanistan.
We have two feasts in Afghanistan first is the feast at the end of fasting month and the second is sacrifice feast.

People of Afghanistan respect yo the culture strongly and they are very sensitive about their culture and traditions.

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